Each character class uses a different kind of weapon to attack with when fighting monsters, or other players in PvP.

Weapons can be obtained in many different ways:

  1. Purchasing from Stores - There is a weapon shop in each class's 'home area' (For example the Warrior School in Amakusa for Warriors), in each of these areas you will find a weapon shop that sells weapons for that class, and higher level (60+) armours. The Novice weapon shop is found in Popola.
  1. Monster Drops - Most monsters have the possibility of dropping weapons, however, this is not a reliable way to obtain your weapons, as the drops can be rare, and it is random which class's weapon you will recieve.
  1. Purchasing from Players - Many players will sell any weapons they don't need in their Private Shop in the Flea Market. These weapons are often forged (see point 4, below) or have been reinforced (see: weapon reinforcement, lower in the page), and as such will be higher priced than weapons in NPC stores, but will be generally stronger.
  1. Forging - If a player has the 'Forging' skill, which is learned from the Crafting Master, he/she can create their own weapons using materials obtained from monster drops or gathering and mining. The success rate of creating these weapons is shown to the player before Forging is attempted, and this success rate can be improved by buying higher levels of the Forging skill. Any weapon which has been created in this way will be marked with a 'v' after the name (Examples: Wooden Sword v, Fox Bow v, Trooper Dagger v).

All weapons have a 'Weak Attack' and a 'Strong Attack' damage rating, this shows how much damage will be added to your base damage when attacking with this weapon, you can see your total damage for your weak and strong attacks by pressing the C key (default) and looking on your character stats window under 'Attack Power'

Below is a table showing which class uses which weapon type, and where the NPC store is that sells that type of weapon:

Character Class Weapon Type Location
Novice Basic wooden weapon* Popola
Warrior Sword (+ Shield) Warrior School, Amakusa
Archer Bow Rockslinwood, Seren Meadows
Mage Staff Mage Town, Balderan
Rogue Dagger Shadow Guild Hall, Balderan Mining Village
Priest Wand Saint Bashura, Serien
Monk Fist Monk Temple, Ozi Village
  • The Novice class has no specific weapon type. Also, Novice weapons can be used by any character class.

All weapons can be Reinforced by adding Elementirium to them using the Reinforce skill, see Reinforcement Guide for full information.