Reinforcing Guide -You must first obtain the reinforcement skill via Leon in Popola village. Can remember what level the quest, but its the one called Preparing for Winter(you need to bring Leon 10 acorns dropped by Poco and/or Hendove). -After you obtain the skill, your gonna need some elementrium which you can obtain by mining and composition (or buy one from another player, many sold in Flea Market). Mining a elementrium is possible but its rare, you will mainly mine elestones. -Elestones, are not to be confused with elementrium, they CANNOT be used for reinforcement. They're are 4 types of elestones which are eledust, elestone (small), elestone (medium), and elestone (large). Using the composition skill, you can turn elestones into larger elestones or into elementrium. -After you gain your elementrium, head over to a reinforcement station(there's one in every town). Press Space over the station to bring up the reinforcement screen. Drag one piece of equipment to the equipment slot, and drag an elementrium to the elementrium slot. Now click reinforce. -After the item gets reinforced you will see an element added to the item. If you used a weapon, the element will increase your attack of that element by watever number the element says. If you used armor, the element will increase your defense to that element by watever you added. IMPORTANT -When you reinforce an item and it gets an element added to it, your item will only use one element at a time. This means that if your weapon says +2 Earth, +2 Water, +2 Fire, +2 Wind, and +2 mp recovery, then your only gonna get the boost from one of the elements. -Also, counter element boosts will cancel each other out of the weapon or armor. So if you get +2 Earth and +2 Wind, they will cancel each other and you wont get either element(same goes for water and fire). -All elementrium dont add a element boost, some add stat boosters. If you get a stat booster, regardless of the element of the stat booster, you will still get that on your character.

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Q. What is reinforcing?

A. It's when you add elementrium to equipment to add additional stats to the weapon.

Q. What equipment can be reinforced?

A. Weapons and Armor only. Accessories CANNOT be reinforced.

Q. What do I need to reinforce my equipment?

A. You need the reinforce skill, an elementrium, and either a weapon or armor.

Q. How many times can I reinforce an item?

A. 5 times maximum

Q. Can I choose the elements added to my weapon?

A. No, the results of each elementrium reinforced into your equipment is random.

Q. What are the Reinforcment Elementiriums names?


Chipped Elementirium(For weapons 7+)

Flawed Elementirium (wep lvl 14+)

Elementirum(wep lvl 25+)

Flawless Elementirium(wep lvl 49+)

Perfect Elementirium(wep lvl 59+)

Lengendary Elementirium(wep lvl 99)(VERY RARE)