Levelling Up

  • Find the monsters that give you the best experience in the fastest time, it may sometimes be faster to kill slightly weaker or stronger monsters for the experience you gain.
  • Partying with other players kills monsters faster, but you gain less experience per kill, if you want to level up faster, find an effective party, for example if you're a Mage, try to party with a Priest, because you'll use less MP & HP potions.
  • Mobbing vs Single killing - Some people prefer to kill one monster at a time, others will 'mob' the entire map first before killing them altogether. If you have a lot of multi-target attacks such as Fire element skills or 'Area of Effect' spells/skills, it may be better to 'mob' to get your experience.

PvP (Player-vs-Player)

  • Don't spam your skills too much or you'll run out of MP after only a small amount of kills.
  • Create a macro you can use when you get 'glitched' (inability to move) to tell other players that you're glitched. A lot of players will not hit you during the time in the spirit of a fair fight.
  • Fight fair. Nobody likes people who team, and nobody likes to be teamed. It may be a team vs. team game, but there's no reason to not show some sportsmanship.
  • It is unwise to go into an 'Unlimited' PvP room until you are a higher level, as everyone keeps their level, stats and equipment, and this could make you an easy kill for a high level player.
  • You will not gain maximum effectiveness in 'Standard' PvP rooms until you have gained all of your skills at Level 49.
  • In the 'Capture the Flag' game mode or in 'Guild Battle' it is generally more common that you would find teamers or 'glitch hitters' (players who will hit you while you are glitched), so be careful of this.
  • In 'King of the Hill' and 'Team of the Hill' PvP battle modes, Wind element skills & spells will be very useful for knocking your opponents down off the platforms.
  • In the 'Deathmatch' battle mode, you can help your team just as much by not dying very much as you can by getting lots of kills.