The Dark Priest is one of the available classes for the Level 30 Priest class change. To begin this class change, go talk to Sally in Saint Bashura in Serien.

Quest StepsEdit

  1. Firstly, get 30 Stone Debris. The quickest way to get this is to get it by Mining from Common Minerals in the Mining Area (Found in Balderan, Balderan Mining Village and Serien) using Crude Shovels.
  2. Go back and talk to Fiona, and she will send you to talk to Pitsher in the Shadow Guildhall in ]]Balderan Mining Village]].
  3. Pitsher will ask you to bring him 20 Black Feathers, these are dropped by Crows, on maps to the left of Amakusa.
  4. Pitsher then sends you back to Crows again, but to kill 30 of them this time.
  5. You must then take Pitsher a 2nd Advanced Class License, which can be purchased from the nearby Weapon Store for 1,000 Gold & 1,000 WSP. You may be able to purchase one from another player if you do not have enough WSP.
  6. Pitsher will then give you a Shadow Mind Training Certificate, and send you back to Fiona to complete your class change.
Warning: If you drop, trade, sell or lose the Shadow Mind Training Certificate in any way, you must go talk to Pitsher again and give him another 2nd Advanced Class License to get another Certificate.

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